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Please read our criteria before submitting a problem.


Below follows the criteria we will use to determine whether a problem or proposed solution meets the aim of the site.

Submitted Problem Criteria

Problems submitted should be something you believe can be solved by technology, either directly or, indirectly.

  • Problems that blocks you from access to resources and information
  • Problems that affect your health or wellness. Either because of a lack of access to resources, information, medical assistance or, disease management.
  • Problems that affects your ability to gain an education.
  • Problems that prevent you from starting, and growing, a successful business.
  • Problems that prevent you from gaining employment.

Submitted Solution Criteria

Solutions presented can be technology that is software, software as a service, hardware based or, offers free online learning curriculum.

It must also be available as either freeware, open source or, license under a creative commons license that allows for free distribution, sharing and the ability to build upon the original solution.

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