Affordable access to high quality online courses for post-secondary education

The demand for affordable access to high quality online courses for post-secondary education far outstrips supply. In many parts of the developing world, the cost and reliability of connectivity to the internet is a major barrier. Moreover, many education institutions in the developing world do not have the resource to host proprietary learning management platforms.

Current Open Solutions

The OER(Open Education Resource) Universitas (OERu) international partnership provides a unique open solution ( All our university-level open online courses are assembled entirely from free cultural works approved open licenses. Our technology stack is entirely open source.

The OER Foundation , which hosts the OERu, publishes technical recipes for installing the infrastructure used for authoring and delivering these open online courses. This means that any educational institution or individual can replicate the technology for publishing and hosting local versions of OERu courses.

Submitted by: Wayne Mackintosh

Tools to Ensure the Privacy and Security of Journalists and Whistleblowers

For many people around the world, their privacy, and the security of their information is of paramount importance to ensure they can live and communicate without fear of being tracked, and without fear of retaliation.

For others, it goes above and beyond these factors. For many journalists and whistleblowers, it can mean the difference between false imprisonment, and sometimes, even the difference between life and death.

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Starting a community vegetable garden

Access to fresh vegetables and fruits are hard to come by or, when available, they are expensive so, we want to start our own community vegetable garden.

I wish to know when is the best time to plant certain vegetables/fruits in my area, how to take care of them and, how to avoid pests using non-pesticide methods.

I also need to know where to get quality seeds at low, or no cost, to get our community vegetable garden started. Once the garden is flourishing, how can I use the existing plants to harvest seeds etc.

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Gain marketable skills in the Multimedia marketplace

I find getting into the multimedia industry to be a huge challenge for people who cannot afford the prohibitively expensive software used in the industry.

I have heard that there are open source alternatives to most of the well known commercial products such as PhotoShop, WavePad etc. But, I am unsure of all the options and where to learn more.

For the open source tools I do know about, finding expansive, up to date tutorials and classes is incredibly hard. On the flip side, for people who wants to teach students using open source software, the same is true. There simply is no solid curriculum available.

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